Personal Finance and Investment Discussion Forums

– The premier discussion forum for passive index investing. Bogleheads are followers of Jack Bogle, founder of Vanguard.
Permanent Portfolio Discussion
– For followers of Harry Brown’s Permanent Portfolio: equal weights in stocks, long term treasuries, gold, and cash.
Morningstar Closed-End Fund Discussion
– Lots of expert advice on CEFs
– FIRE advice
Early Retirement Extreme
– Site started by Jacob Lund, author of the namesake book. Jacob claims to live on $7,000 per year, to put “extreme” in context.
Mr. Money Mustache
– Site started by Peter Adeney, aka Mr. Money Mustache who early-retired at 36 in 2011.
Dividend Growth Forum
– Devoted to dividend growth investing
Reddit /financialindependence, /securityanalysis, /options
– Various sub-Reddits

Useful Tools

Portfolio Visulizer
– Portfolio backtest, factor analysis, asset correlations, etc.
Portfolio Charts
– Historic performances of various asset allocation strategies. Started by user “Tyler” active on multiple forums.
– Stock screener

Blogs – Value Investing

The Conservative Income Investor
Joshua Kennon
Dividend Growth Investor
Sure Dividend

Blogs – Other

Financial Samurai
Though-provoking articles for the aspiring
Philosophical Economics
Keen insights
The Alephh Blog
All-around excellence