Hi! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to The 50 year Retirement where I write under the pseudonym No Regret. I have been an avid follower of various personal finance blogs and forums and have made FIRE (financial independence/retire early) a major goal in life. The title of this blog came from the realization that as our life expectancies increase, an early retiree (50’s or younger) could be facing a retirement lasting half a century or more. The thought is both exhilarating and daunting – in the endless freedom and possibilities for growth, and the need to grow and maintain a nest-egg for that duration.

A little bit about me: I’m married, mid forties with two daughters in elementary school. My wife and I have been calling the San Francisco Bay area home since 2010. Prior to that we have lived in multiple locations throughout North America. We found a nice community in the relative tranquility of the East Bay where house prices are merely “crazy” as opposed to certifiably “insane” in San Francisco and parts of the Peninsula. My wife is a stay-at-home Mom so we’re a single-income family. I have a PhD in Electrical Engineering and am an engineering/innovation director at a leading company in its industry. Overall I enjoy my work but corporate life has taught me not to take anything for granted, so I save, invest and have made FIRE a major goal in life. There are those in the FIRE community, especially some in their 20’s and early 30’s, who want nothing more than “checking out” of life as soon as possible. That’s categorically not me. I have worked hard to expand my knowledge and earning potential and have a loving family and am content with life. To me FIRE is a well-deserved reward for the contributions I have made to my field and industry. As far as lifestyle goes, I’d call us “mainstream frugal” – we have a decent savings rate and don’t spend lavishly but are comfortable. It’s all relative: I’m totally in awe of the people at Early Retirement Extreme, that’s a level of frugality that we’ll never be able to match.

Most of the content here will be on aspects of investing where I feel I can make a contribution relative to the other personal finance blogs. In particular I’m passionate about: dividend growth investing, indexing, precious metals, options for income, portfolio construction, risk management, etc. I address these topics as a DIY investor who is perhaps 10-12 years away from retirement. My approach to investing is multi-dimensional – part of the portfolio adopts a passive approach with index find, another part of the portfolio adopts an active approach with dividend investing, with stock-picking, and market timing based on a long term equity pricing model, technical analysis, and so on… I’m very much against the fundamentalist thinking that “their way is the only way”. Successful or not, I intend to present the turn-by-turn actions of a mature investor tacking the
very real problem of balancing portfolio return and risk management.

This blog is an intensely personal endeavor. Writing helps organizing my own thoughts: by enunciating the investing plan/philosophy and periodic performance tracking I hope to avoid certain behavioral foibles. This blog is also meant to be a repository of ideas that my daughters will one day draw upon. If readers find the musings stimulating, great, I can’t ask for more. I’ll never try to convert anyone to my way of thinking — investing, like so many other things in life, requires finding one’s own way.

Thank you for reading and let the journey begin.

No Regret, August 2016