Pimco Taxable CEFs YTD

Someone posted a summary of Pimco taxable CEF YTD results to the MorningStar CEF discussion board, which I reproduce below.

The numbers speak for themselves. Of these I own PDI, PCI, and PFN, and I used to own PTY. In addition to taxable multi-strategy, I also own muni and bank loan CEFs. Together CEFs currently make up 22% of my active accounts. They’re one end of my bar-bell strategy in fixed income — the other end being stable value funds in passive accounts.

It is true they use leverage and have high fees relative to bond index funds. But they also offer liquidity and after-fees performance not normally seen in public investment vehicles, with the exception of perhaps BDCs and mortgage REITs. I’ve owned CEFs for well over 10 years. During this time, I have looked at P2P lending, real estate crowd sourcing, and other private vehicles and never found a reason to bite.

Note: This is not investment advice, do you own DD!