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Performance Tracking May 2017

For calculation methodology see this post.

S&P exceeded March highs and is now firmly in the 2400s territory. SPY gained 1.41% and AGG 0.69% resulting in a very respectable 1.12% gain in May for the 60/40 bench mark. My portfolio did well despite weakness in PMs which I expect to continue for another month. The total portfolio gained 1.76%. However the number is deceiving as gains from cryptocurrencies accounted for most of the extra over the benchmark. The DGI portfolio continue to struggle under the weight of energy, financials and pharma. Fortunately the growth stocks, which are tech heavy, are balancing them out. Overall the individual stocks about matched the S&P. CEFs, at 1.53% for May, continue to be a bright spot. Cash position in the active account stood at 8%. Funds are almost fully deployed for individual stocks. PMs including miners are counted separately where I’m currently underweight by 10.5% actual vs. 15% targeted. The cash position also includes funds set aside for more CEF purchases.

AllocateSmartly hasn’t yet updated numbers for May but I expect my portfolio to come out in the top half. So far the gains are on pace with my year-end goal: reaching a total invested portfolio of 20X, where X is my projected retirement spend. However, I would like to put more distance between me and the benchmarks. With the bull market unfolding according to plan there are opportunities to get the extra oomph, e.g. options. So far my model is pointing to the end of summer as the appropriate time to put on those positions.