Performance Tracking April 2017

For calculation methodology see this post.

Stocks had a good back half of the month in April, gaining almost 1%. Bonds almost matched that giving the 60/40 benchmark a 0.96% gain for the month of April. My passive accounts gained 0.7%, dragged down by PMs. PM miners provided a greater headwind to the active accounts. This is the first month I broke out growth stocks and fixed income CEFs from within the active accounts. The blended total of DGI and growth stocks slightly bested SPY. There is still cash to be deployed and I have been making changes to the DGI portfolio. The FI CEFs are again outstanding. The last big batch of purchase was around the hick-up on Mar 9th and they’ve been going up ever since. I still have some money to be allocated in them and will complete my purchases at the next hick-up which typically occurs every two or three months. The active accounts gained 0.85% leaving the total portfolio up 0.78% in April trailing the benchmark. YTD the total portfolio is up 5.32% vs. 4.86% for the benchmark.

Compared with the strategies tracked at AllocateSmartly, my April return is in the bottom quarter while YTD is still in the top 1/3. There is some cash drag in my portfolio: cash position is 14% in my active accounts; in addition, I count the emergency fund as well. This month I decided to pare down my emergency fund allocation and moved a CD to the active accounts to better take advantage of this bull market. I expect to be fully deployed by July.